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Since 1994 we have supplied advanced customized solutions for more than 2,000 unique projects. Today, with 25 years of experience, we are experts in all types of glass solutions within construction, interior design, shipbuilding and automotive industries. Our main business is to create heatable insulated glass solutions for the construction industry and by now we are the leading provider in the Nordic region. And we really love the the possibilities glass brings as a basic component when creating outstanding design, top level security and cost efficient climate control.

The benefits of heatable insulated glass are obvious: No coldness from the window panels affect the inner climate and no warmth is leaving. No additional radiators around the glass facades/windows are necessary. The benefits are also utilized by the defense, rail and shipping industries where condensation and ice can endanger safety. Often we add radar protection and EMC solutions while creating durable constructions able to withstand extreme conditions.

We strive for quality in everything we do and take pride in making our clients feel safe throughout the process. Accordingly, we stay by your side all the way – from concept and calculations to wiring, complete installation and technical support.

Welcome to CL Specialglas – we are eager to answer your questions and meet your needs!